Who can go past a day out in the vineyards in Perth’s beautiful swan valley? Here are my favourite places to visit.

Lancaster Wines

Lancaster has always been one of my favourite spots in the swan valley, mostly because of its setting. As you enter through a driveway of trees you see a simple shed situated amongst their beautiful vineyards. Previously, you could only do tastings here so it generally was a short stop, but they’ve recently upgraded and now serve drinks by the glass and bottle, as well as food. This has bumped Lancaster to my top place to visit in the valley. It is well worth the visit.



Oakover Grounds

Another great place to add as a stop on your swan valley tour, or as a place to spend a relaxing afternoon, is Oakover grounds. What makes Oakover stand out from the rest is that their grounds overlooks a lake, which just adds to their already stunning setting. They have something for everyone, and really promote a great family vibe. Whether you want to eat lunch inside their industrial style restaurant, laze around with a wine under the trees or use their free cricket sets, paddle boards or giant connect four, you won’t go wrong adding this to your list of places to visit in the valley.

Oakover grounds has such a great venue, they often hold major events throughout the year. Check out their events page to see what’s on.

Mandoon Estate / Homestead Brewery

You do have the option of sitting inside and dining at their restaurant, but I can never go past their beer garden. In my opinion, why come to the swan valley if you’re not going to immerse yourself in the beautiful greenery and vineyards? Grab a drink and enjoy a pizza in the stunning surrounds. They do have seating but I also recommend bringing along a picnic rug in case you miss out. You can also bring this to Elmar’s if you’re winding up there. Be sure to phone and book in advance if you’re planning to arrive as part of a bus tour, as they only allow a certain amount of buses to visit and only before a certain time. On that note, if you’re organising a bus tour you will need to call and pre book with all venues.


Elmar’s in the Valley

Elmar’s is always my go to for my last stop. Especially if I have organised a bus tour with my friends, as they are one of the only places that allow buses at 2:30PM. Check out their website to see what’s on as they often have live music playing. Their massive outdoor area is a great spot to finish out your day sitting on the grass, enjoying music and a beer.

Feral Brewing Company

Feral is a popular spots for groups as they have a great beer garden with picnic tables and its own separate bar. This area does get booked up quickly, but not to worry, as they have plenty of alternative outdoor seating. Feral gives off a real ‘blokey’ sort of vibe,  so the perfect spot if you’re into a rustic venue with a good variety of beers on tap. They also have a dog friendly area if you’re looking to bring your furry friend along. If you want more ideas for dog friendly pubs – check out my blog on dog friendly pubs in Perth.


Do you have a favourite spot in the Valley? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Dani says:

    Love this post, Emma! Mandoon’s beer garden for the win! For food lovers, Riverbank Estate Winery has amazing food and wine, too. Sitella Winery is also stunning with good food and wine. Their cellar door is stunning also.


    1. Aw thank you Danielle! Sounds amazing, I will have to try them out! xx

      Liked by 1 person

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